Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects is an architecture and urban design firm globally operating based in Tokyo, Japan. We aim to realize a new form of Architecture and cities with regarding Market, Laws and Norms which transform itself dynamically as opportunities of our design.

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Architectural Workshop Koyasan 2015  

Yoshimura will be one of the critics in “Architectural Workshop Koyasan 2015″ from 25th August to 31st August. The deadline for the entry is 31st May, 23:59pm, 2015.

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Window House won the ap prize 2014  

“Window House” won the ap prize for getting most pageview through 2014 at the architecturephoto.net.

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House Maker & App House

HouseMaker と アプリの家(2014年〜)
HouseMaker & App House, 2014-
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Ephemeral/Literal Houses

Ephemeral/Literal Houses, 2014
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RGB, Tokyo, 2013
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Round Table Meeting with architects from Japan and France

2014年11月15日(土)15時よりアンスティチュ・フランセ東京にて、PARIS TOKYO – 都市の生成と継承をめぐる対話 - に出展中の日仏12組の建築家が登壇するラウンドミーティングが開催されます。入場無料、要予約
12 young architects in Japan and France who are taking part in ‘KENCHIKU | ARCHITECTURE – PARIS TOKYO’ exhibition, will join the round table meeting at Institut français Tokyo from 3pm, 15th November, 2014.

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PARIS TOKYO Exhibition

昨年9月にパリ市都市建築博物館にて開催されたKENCHIKU | ARCHITECTURE展の巡回展、PARIS TOKYO – 都市の生成と継承をめぐる対話 - に出展します。東京展は2014年11月14日(金)〜26日(水)までアクシスギャラリー、大阪展は2014年11月29日(土)〜12月7日(日)まで中之島バンクス de sign de>にて
We will join ‘KENCHIKU | ARCHITECTURE – PARIS TOKYO’ exhibition from 14th November to 16th November at the AXIS Gallery in Tokyo, and from 29th November to 7th December at the NAKANOSHIMA DESIGN MUSEUM de sign de> in Osaka. This is a traveling exhibition which was held at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris last September.

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Yoshimura participates in “SHINJINSEN 2014″ that is going be held at Umeda Sky Building Osaka on 4th October, as one of juries.

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Make House Exhibition

2014年10月17日(金)〜10月26日(日)まで東京ミッドタウンのコートヤードにて、谷尻誠、トラフ建築設計事務所、中山英之、長坂常、藤村龍至、藤原徹平、吉村靖孝が参加する「MAKE HOUSE – 木造住宅の新しい原型展 -」が開催されます
“MAKE HOUSE – New prototype of wooden house Exhibition -”, Makoto Tanijiri, TORAFU ARCHITECTS, Hideyuki Nakayama, Jo Nagasaka, Ryuji Fujimura, Teppei Fujiwara and Yasutaka Yoshimura take part in, will be held at the Tokyo Midtown’s courtyard from 17th October to 26th October, 2014.

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Yokohama Harbor City Studies

“Yokohama Harbor City Studies 2014″, Yoshimura is taking part in as the director will be held at SAKURA WORKS from 2nd September to 9th September, 2014.

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Best Holiday Homes

「Nowhere but Sajima」がdomuswebの “Best Holiday Homes”に選ばれています
“Nowhere but Sajima” has been selected as the Best of Holiday Homes by domusweb

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Published in Jt

新建築住宅特集 341『特集/別荘』に吉村の「窓の家」とエッセイ「短期賃貸による空き家の別荘化について」が掲載されています
Window House has been published in Shinkenchiku Jutakutokushu 341 “Holiday Homes Issue”

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Interviewed by GA

GA JAPAN 127『建築のディシプリン/プロトコル』に吉村のインタビューが掲載されています
Yoshimura was interviewed by GA in the GA JAPAN 127 “Disciplines and Protocols in Architecture”

Nakagawa Office won the prize of AIJ 2014

Nakagawa Office won The Prize of AIJ 2014

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