Window House

Window House, Kanagawa, 2013

A weekend house facing to the Sagami Bay with view to Mt. Fuji and Enoshima. The site is just 3 x 8m with 60% of footprint, and the building has become 3-stories almost automatically because the ground floor had to be a piloti by consideration of the storm surge. It seemed difficult to avoid blocking the view of the neighborhood behind. So I designed a large openings both at the sea-side and the road-side in order to keep the view passing through the building during the absence of the owner. And there is a view to the mountains at the road-side indeed. It stands between land and sea and became a house as a window to see through each other.

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects is an architecture and urban design firm globally operating based in Tokyo, Japan. We aim to realize a new form of Architecture and cities with regarding Market, Laws, Norms and Environment which transform itself dynamically as opportunities of our design.

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