Nowhere but Hayama

Nowhere but Hayama(神奈川県三浦郡、2008年)
Nowhere but Hayama, Kanagawa, 2008

Photo : Chiyoe Sugita

Nowhere but Hayama
Nowhere resort aims to rebirth old weekend house areas producing a new weekly vacation rental system. Nowhere but Hayama is a project renovating an old traditional home, and also a symbol of this project. With maintaining Engawa, a characteristic open space in Japanese traditional house, we took a specific solution of reinforcement to have double anti-seismic wall quantity by adding one more wall to the internal side of the existing wall. Newly inserted walls were laid out in 4 different areas in the house and compose 4 house-shape silhouettes, which differ from each other. New inserted houses from the inside support the old house.

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects is an architecture and urban design firm globally operating based in Tokyo, Japan. We aim to realize a new form of Architecture and cities with regarding Market, Laws, Norms and Environment which transform itself dynamically as opportunities of our design.

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