Re:Public Exhibition

Re:Public 展(愛知、2013年)
Re:Public Exhibition, Aichi, 2013

Re:Public Exhibition
An Exhibition held in Toyota, Aichi where Yoshimura was born. We proposed 22 ideas to activate public-spaces in Toyota through reorganization of relation between cars and pedestrians under the title “Re:Public”. The proposals were displayed on the white styrene form, 0.5m×1m×2m, the original size of those made in the factory. The size of the styrene form is similar to the size of 1/5 model of a unit of the “Bayside marina hotel”. In other words, the tables for exhibits were the model of “Bayside marina hotel” as well. Consequently, we decided to exhibit models of other 3 project in 1/5. The styrene forms were used in the construction-site of new roads afterwards.

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