Huis Ten Bosch Botanical

Huis Ten Bosch Botanical, Nagasaki, 2007

雑誌ブルータスが企画した、長崎ハウステンボスに対する誌上提案。 ボタニカルをキーワードにハウステンボスの未来を構想するというディレクションにしたがい、植物園と会議場ほかのコンプレックスを提案した。運河を広げ、そこから突き出すようにガラスの山を連ねている。本家オランダにはない山をつくることでオランダを超える人工都市のモデルを目指す。
A proposal for Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park located in the South of Japan, planed by a Japanese magazine “BRUTUS“. A plan for a complex that included botanical gardens, conference halls and other buildings was presented, following the direction given by BRUTUS. The direction was to build a plan for the future Huis Ten Bosch using ‘botanical’ as the keyword. The canal was widened with a series of glass mountains sticking out from it. By building mountains that, in reality, do not exist in the Netherlands, we aimed to create a model of an artificial city that go beyond the present standards of the country.

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