Kameya Ryuguden

Photo: Hirohisa Sako

Kameya Ryuguden, Yamagata, 2004

Photo: Shinkenchiku-sha

The dining hall called the “Ryuguden” of a Japanese style hotel and hot spring, which is renovation of a large hall in an old wooden Japanese style hotel. We minimized the walls that were disturbing the services, but when thinking of creating a feel of a private room, we decided to build an extremely low ceiling that was 2m high. In this low ceiling, we made a hole, and placed the table right below the hole. From the hole, you can see the existing structure. For the hole and the food to stand out, the other areas, like the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, and even few parts of the tableware were made with the same material. By selecting an engineering wood that has a strong design rather than its shape, depending on how the furniture is placed, the outline form starts to blend in.

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