Fukumasu Base / Fukumasu Kindergarten Annex

Fukumasu Base / Fukumasu Kindergarten Annex, Chiba, 2016

千葉県市原市にある幼稚園の増築計画。園児だけでなく、その家族や卒園生のコミュニティのための交流拠点となる。もともと敷地に建っていた倉庫の面影を残すように既製のテント倉庫で大きな気積を確保して雨の日にも園児が館内を走り回れるようにしたうえで、木造の壁が縦横に折れながら場所らしきモノを形成する。壁の表と裏、構造でもある火打ち梁の干渉など、子供達の想像力への刺激を少しでも多く残せるよう工夫した。 An extension project for the kindergarten in Ichihara, Chiba. It is aimed to be a community center not only for children but also for their families and graduates. We provided huge air volume to enables children to run around in the building by ready-made tent warehouse, which reminds of the existed warehouse stood in the same site. The tent warehouse also covers the freely folded wooden walls that forms place-like thing. We also tried to stimulate children’s imagination by leaving the things like front side and backside of the walls, and even the confliction of the brace structure.

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