TBWA\HAKUHODO, Tokyo, 2012

This project is for an office renovation of the former ‘Juiana’s Tokyo’, one of the discotheques whose popularity swept through Japan in the early 1990s. If we call it as ” the first renovation”, beginning with applying the previous elements of the space to that of the renovated space, this project, converting a disco with no opening to the outside world into an office space can be called as “the second generation of renovation”. This difference is the key, and in order to preserve the circadian rhythms of office workers spending long hours in a windowless space, lighting levels and color temperature simulate the 24 hour lighting pattern, closely resembling the changes of natural light out of doors.

Photo : Nacása & Partners Inc.

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects is an architecture and urban design firm globally operating based in Tokyo, Japan. We aim to realize a new form of Architecture and cities with regarding Market, Laws, Norms and Environment which transform itself dynamically as opportunities of our design.

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